Jambaljamts Odjardgal

is founding member and chairman of MCS Group.

The company was originally launched as a private consulting agency in 1993. In just a few years the company became Mongolia’s leading group company. MCS Group today comprises more than 30 subsidiaries active in the fields of mining, energy production, the beverage industry, wholesale trading, real estate as well as information and communication technology. Odjargal has taken the Leeway project to his heart. With this project he wants to apply his many years of experience in the field of investment beyond the borders of his home country. He wants to provide economic support so that only courage is required to enable extraordinary projects to unfold to their full potential.

Due to its location in the centre of Europe, Austria is an excellent position to act as a lynchpin for our international partners and was therefore chosen as a starting point for these new investments.

J. Od

joined MCS Group in 1997.

Before that he worked as a diplomat for many years and is now chairman of the managing board of MCS Group.

From its very beginning entrepreneurial social responsibility has been one of the basic principles of the MCS Group and for Od a central mainstay for the Leeway Investment project: investments in the right places result in sustainable workplaces, stable income and, subsequently, in an increase in the quality of life. Thus, social innovation and profitability are not mutually exclusive.