The Austrian Café

In cooperation with Austrian architects (for example Manfred Jäger) a new building is to be constructed on a 2000 m² plot of land in Enugu (Nigeria).

When finished, this building will house, among other things, the Austrian Café – a classic Austrian bakery/confectionery. The Austrian Café is being conceptualised in cooperation with Reinhold Schärf’s Coffeeshop Company and Gragger & Cie. The project is currently in the planning phase and its long-term objective is to unite the strengths of the two countries Nigeria and Austria into a profitable blend.

Construction is due to begin at the start of next year and the grand opening of the Austrian Café is planned for the end of September 2019.


The Austrian Café

Place: Enugu, Nigeria
Partner: Gragger & Cie
Start of construction: beginning of 2019
Completion: September 2019